Waterpolo Scoreboard Application


WP Scoreboard Application

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Main Control Panel

Master Clock Controller

Electronics Scoresheet

Combined Controller

Slave Shot Clock

Slave Game Clock

Results, Player Stats & Ladders

Club Level Access

Season Manager Level Access

Main Control Panel

The Main Control Panel

Main Control Room Screen

This is the screen that the application opens too. It provides the central navigation point for the application.

Slave Displays

All slave displays it will timeout searching for a master sub application, and then provide most of the controls provided by a master display locally. Note the local controls have no impact on any other slave displays

Screen Controls

The top five buttons activate display sub-applications.

Master Control Controller

This sub-application is a simple Game Clock Console.  Although there are no scoring or exclusion controls, as these come from the electronic scoresheet directly.

It is always a master display.

Game Electronic Scoresheet

This sub-application attempts to emulate a paper based scoresheet. I apologise in advance it is a very dense HMI, I hate modal displays, but I have been forced to make this display modal, there are three phases to each game:

The phase is selected with a segmented control, and displays different controls appropriate to the phase of the game. There is not really consequence in transitioning between phases as it just controls which buttons are presented.

It is a slave display so if no game clock controller is found, it will provide the clock controls locally.

Combined Game Scoresheet and Clock Control

This sub application looks identical to the electronic scoresheet slave after it has timeout looking for a master.  It is always a Master Display.

I am able to manage the game clock and score a game, after some practice.

Slave Shot Clock Display

This sub-application provides a countdown time in a large digital display font.

It is a slave application so if no game clock controller is found, it will provide the shot clock controls locally.

Slave Game Clock Display

This sub-application provided a display of the Game Clock, the Shot Clock, and current Scores for each team, and will flag when an excluded player can return (although only for the latest exclusion).

It is a slave application so if no game clock controller is found, it will provide the game clock and scoring controls locally.

The bottom three buttons provide different entry points into the back room application.

Select Season & Season Results and Ladders

This sub-application has not associated security. It preforms a number of functions. It allows the current season to be selected, which set the current season used through out the application.

Edit Clubs/Teams/Members

This sub-application provides club level access to the back room database, allowing club level information to be edited by authorised club members. Essentially clubs have control over teams that they field, the Team Rosters for those teams, and can also modify club membership.

Season or Competition Controller

This sub-application provides for management of a season or competition. It may be managed by a Club or an Association. Where I come from we have an association which basically  provides a service to the local clubs of managing the local competition. Associations can manage seasons, they can have members but that serves little purpose unless you want to have a level of control over who from the association has access.

I wont pretend this is a quick process, but anyone who has ever run a water-polo competition will not be supprised. I attempt to steer you through the process, it reflects how I used to run water-polo competitions and is I hope reasonably logical for anyone to follow. I bet I'll regret that statement !

iPad Group Selector

The segmented control at the bottom controls which group of iPads this iPad belongs too. The application uses bonjour to discover other iPads in the group, and this control selects different Bonjour services.

There are two sub-subapplications that can act as the bonjour server for a group of iPads, the "Master Clock Controller" and the "Combined Game ScoreSheet and Clock Controller".

Bonjour and Multiple Masters

Bonjour gets very confused if there are two servers for the same network service, so you need to be very careful when setting up multiple groups of iPads. I suggest you use the "Ten" group first and work progressively towards the One group which is the default.

If you do setup multiple master and you are lucky, the comms indicator on the second master in a group will go red, and there will be no immediate impact on the rest of the group, but there will be, back out of the second master sub-application and change its Group quickly and restart the sub application. It might work, and the first group should recover. but often the second master will have to shutdown before it can be used again, it gets into a state where it won't accept connections anymore and I don't know any other way out of that situation. Sometimes the first group does not recover and you will have to restart that master as well. Sorry, but I have tried to make this aspect more resilient, but with limited success.